Holidays and Schools

Many of you will be aware the Father, from Isle of Wight who took his child out of school for a family holiday is back in court today.

Have to be honest, I’m a bit rusty on school behaviours and rules  these days, but I would take a child out of school for a family holiday if I chose.  No I wouldn’t do it every term, not even every year but there has to room for flexibility here. Schools are right to be concerned if a child is taken out of school a lot, after all the school will get the blame for the poor education the child received.

I remember being taken from school for two weeks for a family holiday and my teacher hitting the roof.  After losing my Grandfather my parents wanted to accompany my Grandmother on a trip to my Uncles as part of building a different part of her life.  It was a total one off and the experience was educational and I still have the memories some 35+plus years on. Do I remember much of my classroom time? No, only said teacher bullying me for my parents decision.

There isn’t a set rule here in my opinion.

Can’t tell you how angry I am at watching this father in a TV interview this morning, and he states some schools have to have a doctors note to prove a child is sick. Really? Kids get sick a lot, GP’s are busy enough and a mother knows if a child is well enough to be at school or not.  Again there will be parents who aren’t concerned whether their child attends school or gets a good education, so another very difficult issue to police.

There are no one size fits all answers sadly.

Wish this Father every access today, I really think we need a rethink on policies and schools.







Annual Challenge


Anyone else signed up for a challenge?

I way behind most and am currently at 10 miles so far since the beginning of the month.

I will be combining walking with cycling and see how I go.

Just really want to be as active as possible.

Love to hear your challenges and achievements.





Can Stevia Be Classed as Clean?

Following on from yesterdays post, the above question has been raised.

The information below is from the NHS Website and hope it provides more details for you but I am not convinced it answers the question.
Stevia-based sweeteners use purified extracts from the leaves of the stevia plant, called steviol glycosides.

Marketed as a “natural sweetener”, manufacturers hope steviol glycosides will appeal to consumers looking for a healthier alternative to sugar.

The plant extract – which is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar and is also calorie-free – has been used as a sweetener for many years in Asia and South America.

When used as a table-top sweetener, steviol glycosides are often mixed with other artificial sweeteners for texture and to mask their sometimes bitter aftertaste.

Steviol glycosides are approved for use in sugar-free soft drinks, hot beverages, jams, flavoured milk and other dairy products, cakes, desserts and alcohol, among other things.


Many thanks.

Why We Use Sugar?

Not going to lie, I’ve never really given it much thought.  I like to bake, which means eating the creations, so if I don’t bake my sugar intake is pretty low or so I kid myself. I don’t do fizzy drinks or sweets very often either. I am however, prone to eat cakes and biscuits during stressful times.  Like I rely on sugar to sooth me.

So starting to increase my sugar awareness, I started looking at food labels.  I guess sugar assists longevity of a product ie marmalade\jam or sauces but I started to think and consciously taste what I’m actually eating.

Had a bit of a shock to be honest, much of our food flavour seems to be ruined by sugar.  Making my own jam or tomato ketchup is so much tastier, ok so not write as set or solid but it tastes as its meant to taste.







Following on from this morning’s post, questions have been raised about Sweeteners.  Some of you helped me last week regarding honey and maple syrup.

A query has come in regarding sweeteners.  Not an item I know much about to be honest. My own research makes me fearful of using most sweeteners, the only one I may consider is stevia.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.





Sugar Free

Morning all

Hope you are well for a Monday morning.

Not written for  a few days as I have been busy trying to find and test refined, sugar free recipes.

Trying various celebrity cook books and so far pleased with the results but still looking for more information.

Keep watching for more details and if you have recipes to share that would be fab.

Stay safe if you’re battling the fog!







Refined Sugar Free, Yes or No?

raspjamtomsauceMorning all,

Hope you are all safe in this snowy weather.

How are the New Year Resolutions going?

I’ve been toying with life style changes and am fascinated by the programme Sugar Free Farm.

Is going refined sugar free just a fad or is it something we could/should all be considering?

We have had low fat options drilled into us for years but low fat often means higher sugar.  So we have an obesity issue, an NHS who is nearly broken but no one seems concerned about refined sugar.

Rather than rant about it, I have been trying and testing a few items that are popular in this house and liking the results although it opens up more questions.

Above are some of the creations and yes I know one tastes better than it maybe looks but it’s home made tomatoes ketchup and I was sceptical. The top picture is raspberry jam with no refined sugar.

So you can use maple syrup or honey as the sweetener but how do I know if they are raw or can they be manufactured using refined sugar?

I understand I will pay more for raw honey or good maple syrup but I’m ok with that, I would rather eat a little quality, tasty food that isn’t doing harm to my body.

Love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Not going to lie though my taste buds are changing and I am tasting real food and not processed gloop that feed your eyes instead of your taste buds.










Virgin Snow❄⛄


Couldn’t resist a wee pic, I love virgin snow, looks so very pretty.

I know many hate the stuff especially driving in it, but when it looks like this it’s just so peaceful.  Shame it wasn’t here for Xmas.

Quite tempted to put Wellington boots on and make patterns in it but then it looks messy and that will irritate me.

Hard work being me!

Stay safe in it though.




Wee Beauts Welcomes…


A very warm welcome to you all.  Hope you are all well today and staying safe in the snow. Wee Beauts will be chatting, sharing all sorts of bits and pieces from the world of a forty something blonde, who loves quirky, quality, kindness and tea. (and wine!)

Posts may well be random but life is random, so hold on tight.stylishlogo

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